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"New Variant CJD"

A seven page paper which looks at the work of the Centres for Disease Control in the USA and their programme of analysing tissue samples in order to identify possible cases of new variant CJD. The disease has been linked to BSE in animals and researchers in the USA are attempting to prevent the spread of the disease from Europe. Bibliography lists 1 source


A Study on Schizophrenia

7 pages in length. Patients with schizophrenia seem to lose their energy, their ambition, their will to live, and nothing seems to be important to them. Oftentimes they will withdraw from people and stay fairly isolated. There are many opinions on how best to treat this yet puzzling disease. This paper is a focus on many of the current findings on schizophrenia. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Addressing Diabetes and Obesity in the Elderly with Nutrition

A 7 page paper discussing controlling diabetes and obesity in the elderly through better nutrition. Intervention that seeks to control both diabetes and obesity in the elderly is not an easy task, but it is one that at least is logical. Patient education is paramount, as is an approach marked with creativity. Visual attractiveness is more important as well, for taste and smell are not as active as in individuals' earlier years. Controlling diabetes and obesity in the elderly through nutrition is not easy, but it is possible. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Aging And Nutrition

A 6 page paper. The US Census Bureau reported there were more than 35 million Americans over the age of 65 in the year 2000 and those over the age of 85 are the largest growing population. The data regarding the proportion of seniors who do not have adequate nutrition on a daily basis is alarming. This paper explores the data and the reasons so many of our elderly do not receive adequate nutrition. The writer also reports the most recent guidelines regarding a proper diet for persons over 65. These guidelines include recommendations for food categories and for specific vitamins. The results of a lack of these daily nutrients are included. B Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Altruism and Nursing

A 7 page paper discussing the need for altruism in the nursing profession. Five separate examples of altruism are compared and contrasted. These five forms of altruism are parental, social, professional, individual, and pseudo. One specific nursing article is detailed and discussed as well. The most important thing to remember about nursing is that it is a profession founded on the notion of helping people, sometimes even at a cost to the nurse themselves. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Analysis of Systems Theory in Nursing

This 7 page paper evaluates systems theory based upon a model found in Chinn & Kramer's Theory of Nursing. Parsons's systems model is discussed in depth. Various elements of the theory are discussed and several examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Anorexia And Bulimia: Causes, Consequences And Treatment

7 pages in length. The writer discusses various aspects of anorexia and bulimia, including causes, consequences, primary age group and gender, as well as treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Antibiotic-Resistant Super-Germs

A 7 page research paper that examines the literature on the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The writer explores the ramifications of the problem, the causes of the problem, and proposed solutions. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


Applying Theory to Continuing Education

A 7 page continuation of an educational initiative following completion of a needs assessment and analysis at a long term care facility. The initial assessment indicates that a need exists in further training and education in techniques and rationale of infection control in the institutional setting. This paper discusses learning theory and selects teaching strategies based on characteristics of the continuing education nurses. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Article Review: Quality Improvement In Nursing Homes

A 7 page paper. The article reviewed reports a demonstration project that links payment to quality and specifically, to outcomes for the residents. This was a project that began in Minnesota in 1995 and is still going on. It reflects a move from quality assurance to quality improvement and makes a shift to an alternative payment system. Bibliography lists 1 source.


Bioterrorism and Public Health

A 7 page paper exploring the topic of biological warfare. Emphasizes the vulnerability of the United States, noting that with the collapse of the Cold War we now have many small enemies in place of the one large enemy. Describes biological warfare as being widely available, as a poor man's weapon. Stresses the importance of establishing a central agency to handle biological terrorism on a national level. Bibliography lists 9 sources.


Book Review/Managed Behavioral Healthcare

A 7 page book review that offers roughly a half-page synopsis of each of the 13 chapters in Gayle L. Zieman's The Handbook of Managed Behavioral Healthcare, which is a comprehensive guide to clinicians, healthcare administrators in training, and all those in the healthcare field who have to work daily with managed care organizations. This fact-filled book details what healthcare practitioners need to know and Zieman relates this information in an easy-to-read manner that makes the book accessible to all readers. No additional sources cited.


Building Competence Through Training, Experience and Reflection: Administering Medication in the Hospital Setting

A 7 page paper discussing the origins and prevention of medication error in the clinical setting. The paper concludes that experience and reflection can and do teach much, but experience's accumulation of knowledge should not be at the expense of practice of "the basics." The competent practitioner needs to ensure that s/he remains grounded in the basics while yet increasing and expanding on knowledge of new approaches and technologies. Bibliography lists 16 sources.


Bulimia -- A Closer Look

A 7 page paper on the most common eating disorder. The paper defines bulimia in the context of other eating disorders, discusses who is affected, how bulimia affects its sufferers' health and lifestyle, and looks at possible psychological and physiological reasons for it. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Care for the Elderly / At Home vs. Nursing Home

An 7 page overview of health care options for the elderly. Evaluates the need for long-term care and the factors which went into creating this need and identifies home health care as being advantageous in many respects over health care provided in residential nursing homes. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Changes in the US Health Care System and Nurses' Roles

A 7 page paper discussing the state of several aspects of the US health care system and nurses' roles within both the current system and that which continues to emerge. One of the primary qualities of US health care today is that it is in flux. It has been changing dramatically since the advent of managed care; continued budgetary pressures and the ongoing shortage of nurses dictate that further changes are made in the future. Nursing itself is changing as well, as those who have made nursing their life profession approach retirement age themselves. Those new to health care now face higher career demands than those who went before them. The new generation of nurses will need to be even more adaptable to change and more conversant with technology as it continues to change the face of health care. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Changing Trends in Healthcare

7 pages. Today in health care the status quo is changing dramatically. People in the healthcare profession realize that while above-and-beyond performance might help them hold onto their current jobs, they are skeptical that opportunities for advancement exist along the well-defined pathways of the past. This paper examines the new socio-economic trends and organizational factors that influence the development of the health care system today.


Clinical Trial Enrollment

This 7 page paper provide an example of the APA approved format for research design, utilizing an article that seeks to assess the influence of different modes of insurance on participation in clinical trials in oncology. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Community Intervention Nutrition Programs

This 7 page report examines programs in place for food assistance, how the programs work and what more needs to be done to assist children from low-income areas. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Comparing the Theme of Abortion in Literature:

This 7 page paper examines how the theme of abortion is addressed in Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" and Gwendolyn Brooks' "The Mother". Both of these works examine the ramifications of abortion without producing moral judgment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Conductive & Sensorineural Hearing Loss

7 pages in length. Loss of hearing is not a welcomed experience at any age. Most readily associated with the elderly, hearing loss can strike anyone at any time, even and especially infants who have been born to alcoholic mothers. The two primary types of hearing loss include sensorineural (nerve) or conductive (bone structure), both of which are instigated by different catalysts. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Consensual Sex & The Aberrations of Law

A 7 page research essay postulating that laws governing private, consensual sexual practices between adults are immoral. The writer argues this thesis on a definition of 'deviant' sexual definitions in the U.S. and how the criminalization of sexual practices leads to prostitution, the black market, and the prosecution of innocent citizens. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Corrections Nursing and the Community

A 7 page paper discussing how the correctional facility nurse can have effect in the local community. The US penal system guarantees appropriate health care to prison inmates. US Supreme Court decisions have determined that withholding any medical treatment where there is urgent need constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment," which of course is not allowed by the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution or by the American character. Providing nursing service within the prison community offers distinct challenges, but it also offers opportunities that otherwise might never be available to health care providers. Prisons often hold individuals that public health professionals have difficulty locating; extending public health screening to the correctional setting can have direct benefit both within the prison and in the local community when individual inmates are released. Includes an outline. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Cost Effective Measures in Maintenance of Mental Health Treatments and Possible Alternative Therapies

This is a 7 page paper discussing cost effective measures in mental health treatment. The Surgeon General in the United States has issued a report which estimates that "one out of every five Americans suffers from some form of mental disorder with direct and indirect costs to society totaling nearly $200 billion a year". In addition to the number of those considered affected by a mental health illness within the country, the range and diagnoses of mental health illnesses vary a great deal. While those with severe mental health conditions may be able to be "reliably" diagnosed and treated in the medical community, there are those who cannot afford medical mental health treatment as they may be uninsured and there are also those who may be less easily diagnosed or may be associated with mental disorders which relate to alcoholism and/or substance abuse therefore creating a large and diverse population in need of mental health care. The mental health community has also come to the realization that mental health care treatment costs are escalating while funding is not, resulting in mental health professionals seeking other more cost-effective treatments for their patients but treatments which must also maintain the effectiveness of traditional treatment as well. Since alternate treatments have been studied in the past decade, it has been found that while many alternative treatments are cost-effective, many are also as effective as traditional treatments and some have proven more-effective than traditional therapies. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Critique of the Theory of Caring

This 7 page paper evaluates the theory of caring based upon a model found in Chinn & Kramer's Theory of Nursing. Various elements of the theory are discussed inclusive of its importance and accessibility. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Diabetes Among the Hispanic Farm workers a Real Threat

This seven-page-paper presents a detailed discussion about the incidence of diabetes in the Hispanic community primarily among farm workers. Bibliography lists three sources.


Do Not Resuscitate

7 pages. Do not resuscitate orders might be painful for family members to follow but for the one whose life is slipping away this legal decision and the ethical justification must be honored. This paper discusses the ethics behind allowing a person to die by not allowing resuscitation. If this is the wish of the ill person, this is not at all a decision that can be taken lightly. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Drop Dead Gorgeous - The Inherent Risks of Liposuction

A 7 page paper that argues that the tumescent technique of surgical liposuction should only be performed by a certified plastic surgeon and only within an acceptable surgical setting. The inherent risks that exist in this procedure are discussed, as well as the danger that has recently been presented by the influx of a number of unskilled and untrained practitioners. Cases of malpractice and misjudgment are cited. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Education Needs Assessment: Use of Restraints

A 7 page paper discussing the need for an in-house short course program addressing the use of physical and chemical restraints of elderly nursing home residents. Restraints are notorious for being misused; what is discussed less in the popular press is the benefit that they can provide. The purpose of such restraints is to prevent injury stemming from patients' attempts to do something for which they need assistance. The use of restraints both supports and contradicts the ethical principles of autonomy and beneficence, and an in-service refresher can serve to reconcile that contradiction. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


Emergency Room Expansion

This 7 page paper presents a proposal to expand an emergency room in an urban city. The proposal focuses on creating a room to hold patients awaiting admissions. A specific three year plan is outlined. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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