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Term Papers (20th Century US History)

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Historical Perspective on Election 2000

A 2 page research paper that looks briefly at the elections of 1824 and 1876 as to which one best parallels the election problems in 2000. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


American Imperialism

A 3 page research paper that discusses the meaning of imperialism to the US in 1900, as well as the risks and gains of this situation to the administrations of McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Chris Hedges' "War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning"

This 3 page report discusses the 2003 book written by New York Times' reporter and war correspondent Chris Hedges. Hedges points out that the actual truth of war is that it has a bottomless and nauseating impact on the collective consciousness of humanity. Bibliography lists only the primary source.


Progressive Goals

A 3 page research paper that compares the "New Nationalism" of Theodore Roosevelt to the "New Freedom" of Woodrow Wilson in regards to how they achieve the goals of the Progressives. Bibliography lists 1 source.


The Bipolarity of the Cold War: The Relative Passivity of Berlin and the Rest of Europe

A 3 page examination of the contention that during the strong bipolarity which resulted between the U.S. and the USSR during the Cold War, Europeans essentially stood passively by while the major players determined Europe's fate. Berlin itself became a pawn in this game. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Wilson's Change from Neutrality/ 1917

A 3 page research paper that briefly examines why President W. Wilson abandoned the US's traditional isolationism and initiated the US involvement in World War I. Bibliography lists 1 source.


Brown v. Board of Education

This 5 page report discusses one of the most important Supreme Court decisions ever made regarding racial equality. When the Supreme Court determined that racially separate educational facilities were unequal and stressed equal educational opportunity, Americans had to rethink virtually every aspect of the assumptions they had made about where and with whom children would be educated instead of just how they were to be taught. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Comparing and Contrasting the 1970's with the 2000's:

This 5 page paper discusses the similarities and differences between life in the 1970's and life in the 2000's. Specifically, this paper discusses Presidential impeachments, war and terrorism, and the women's movement. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Democracy is Alive and Well in the United States

A 5 page examination of the history and current status of democracy in the United States. Explores the historical deficiencies of our proposed democracy and addresses how these deficiencies were rectified. Discusses the ability of racial and special interest groups to achieve recognition and rectification under our democratic principles. Provides specific information regarding the quest of Native Americans to achieve citizenship and the protection of the Constitution in the 1920s. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Edna Ferber's Cimarron continues

A 5 page research paper that takes the unusual form of diary entries for a character from Edna Ferber's novel Cimarron, beginning five years after the end of the novel. The focus for the paper is how current events, particularly the "dust bowl" years, affected the life of Sabra Cravat. The writer proposes that Sabra continued in Congress and worked to gain federal support for programs for Oklahoma in order to combat the dust storms. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Saved Capitalism

A 5 page paper that supports the notion that FDR saved capitalism from itself. When Roosevelt took office, the country was in an economic crisis. Laissez-faire policies, excessive industrialism and crony capitalism were the order. Roosevelt changed all this with his New Deal. This essay provides an explanation of why FDR is credited with saving capitalism. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


George S. Patton

A 5 page research paper that investigates the character, leadership qualities and historical significance of World War II general George S. Patton. Primarily using H. Essame's biography of Patton, the writer gives an impression of the book before exploring how Essame's evaluation of Patton compares to that of other authorities. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


Hitler Unopposed?

(5 pp) Numerous factors seem to have existed that make it appear that Hitler moved almost unopposed towards his major goal of the domination of Europe. Although it is a simplification, we could almost say that everyone was too busy, or too involved with what they were doing, to worry, to see, or even pay attention to the events of Europe. In this discussion we will look at some of those events and analyze how they all influenced the final outcome of Hilter's rise to power. Bibliography lists 5 sources + 3 visuals (1936 cartoon; masses listening to Hitler)


How Was the Holocaust Carried Out?:

This 5 page paper discusses the Holocaust from the perspective of those who carried out the horrifying atrocities. Furthermore, this paper explores how such an event was explicable historically. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


Immigration Today

A 5 page research paper that first of all summarizes the stance of Zhou (2001) on immigration and then offers similar and contrasting positions in a brief literature review. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


JFK & LBJ/ A Revolutionary Period

A 5 page research paper that argues that during the presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (the 1960s) represented a "revolutionary" period in the nation's history that opened up civil rights and civil liberties to more of the citizenry, with particular emphasis on the plight of African Americans prior to this period. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


John Dower/ "War Without Mercy"

A 5 page summation and analysis of the major points in John Dower's War Without Mercy. In this book, Dower examines the conflict in the Pacific during World War II from the perspective of how it represented long-standing attitudes and racial prejudices. Dower shows how both sides--Axis and Allied--saw the conflict as a "holy war for national survival and glory" (3). No additional sources cited.


Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon/ Policy on Vietnam

A 5 page research paper in which the writer argues that, despite the obvious differences, these three presidents have both similar beliefs toward communist aggression in Southeast Asia and also similar strategies in dealing with US involvement in Vietnam. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


Liberalism and Progressivism

5 pages. This paper compares the relationship between liberalism and progressivism as well as the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. This comparative type paper is a contrast between powers as well as a contrast of these two presidents. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


Major Twentieth Century Changes

(5 pp) Three events, which I feel influenced the change of the twentieth century were World War II, detonation of the A-bomb; and the growth of the internet. These events will be examined in relationship to their political, sociological and economical impact in the twentieth century. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Norman Podhoretz's "Why We Were In Vietnam"

5 pages in length. The author's intent in "Why We Were In Vietnam" is to bring to light the events that took place to ultimately embroil America in one of history's bloodiest conflicts. Through insightful observation, Podhoretz illustrates that as the President Johnson addressed the nation regarding the Vietnam War -- a battle that is still considered to be part of the Kennedy Administration -- it was clear that his intention all along was to engage in combat with the North Vietnamese. No additional sources cited.


Operation Rollback

A 5 page research paper that examines Peter Grose's book on Operation Rollback, which is the saga of various American intelligence agencies and their endeavors to overthrow Communism during the Cold War. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


Perspectives of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

(5 pp) There are those who say that we as humans create our own reality. This can also mean that each one of us have our own sense of reality. We may be able to deal with that, because it is considered personal. Yet the same can be said of history; in this discussion we will look at a singular event, the Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962 (as seen by the United States) from three different perspectives: traditional, revisionist, and post-revisionist. Bibliography lists 5 sources.



A 5 page research paper that attempts to give a broad overview of progress in US culture, society and politics between 1880 and 1990. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


Spy v. Spy/KGB v. CIA

A 5 page research paper that compares the KGB and the CIA during the early days of the Cold War. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


The Breakdown of the Yugoslav State:

This 5 page paper discusses how religion, ethnicity and politics all played a vital role in the breakdown of the Yugoslav state. This paper refers to Kaplan's "Balkan Ghosts" and provides an isightful look into how various elements were intertwined in this breakdown. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


The Cold War and Cristina Garcia's "Dreaming in Cuban"

A 5 page paper which examines how the ideological Cold War between Fidel Castro's Cuba and the United States affected the novel's characters. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


The Deception of Hitler

(5 pp) It has been said that the best way to learn of history, is not from the facts in a book but rather from the stories or memories of someone who was in the experience, in this case it makes it even more intriguing because. "the truth," is about deception itself. In wartime, truth is so precious, that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. Major Richard G. Ricklefs Bibliography lists 5 sources.


The Modern Post-War Empire

This 5 page report discusses the fact that if an empire can best be defined by its dominance, its influence, and, of course, its power, then the post World War II realities of the United States impact on the world would certainly appear to qualify it as an "empire." When considered in the context of "empire," there are a number of factors that should be examined. For example, the end of the Cold War, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, even the technological advancements that have taken place have all served to shift the focus from military-motivated development and progress to a more globalized interdependence. Bibliography lists only one source.


The Most Successful and the Least Successful Presidents Since World War II:

This 5 page paper dicusses the highly successful presidency of Ronald Reagan during the 1980's and analyzes his term. This paper also discusses the presidency of George W. Bush and emphasizes that he is the least successful president since World War II. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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